NSFA Membership Application (Request an Invoice)
Active Members are members of career, combination, and volunteer fire departments and members of the State Fire Marshal’s division who are of good moral character and American citizens. Membership Dues are $15.00 per year.

Associate Members shall be fire commissioners, city, county and state officials; individuals representing firms and corporations interested in the protection of life and property against fires; those supplying equipment and accessories; and other persons whose business brings them into personal contact with fire departments. Membership Dues are $20.00 per year.

Life Members shall be those persons who have been a member of this Association for ten or more years and have retired from active fire service. Active life members shall pay no dues but shall have all the rights of membership. Membership Dues are No Charge.

 Important NSFA Documents

Member Information Book
The Members Information Handbook was developed to help our members answer any questions they may have regarding the Association.

NSFA Constitution & Bylaws
The Association’s Constitution & Bylaws was developed to answer any questions about the rules of the association.

 Membership Benefit Funds

NSFA Request for Funds
Benevolence Fund
The Association provides benevolent assistance to Association members in good standing and their families for Line of Duty injury or death.

Burn Fund Form
The Association maintains a special Burn Fund accessible to ALL Nevada citizens and firefighters impacted by burn related incidents and upon sponsorship and application by a member department or individual.

Widows & Orphans Fund Form
The Association provides assistance to member’s family in the event of off-duty injury or death to an Association member.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Policy
The Association provides a $10,000.00 AD&D Policy for all active Members. Please contact the Association’s Executive Director, Mike Heidemann, at 775-233-3182 for access to this policy.

 Awards & Scholarships

Department of the Year Application
The NSFA Board of Directors selects an applicant during the Spring NSFA Board Meeting. Fire Department of the Year Award is presented during the annual training conference held in June of each year. The department will receive an NSFA Revolving Trophy and an NSFA Award Flag to fly proudly. Nominations for this award must be received by the Association by April 15th of the upcoming year.

Instructor of the Year Application
The Dave Drew Fire Instructor Excellence Award is issued during the annual training conference held in June of each year. Nominations for this award must be received by the Association by April 15th of the upcoming year.

EMS Instructor of the Year Application Form
The EMS Instructor of the Year Award is issued during the annual training conference held in June of each year. Nominations for this award must be received by the Association by April 15th of the upcoming year.

NSFA Scholarship Application
The Association allows all sons, daughters, step sons, step daughters, and dependents of association members to apply. A member must have been a member of the association in good standing for a minimum of three years, including the year of application.


NSFA Training Stipend
The Association offers $250.00 stipends to assist members in good standing to attend various training events throughout the State of Nevada, including the Annual Training Conference. With the ever increasing cost of travel and reduction in fire department budgets, we hope this will assist you in attending training through the NSFA.

Miscellaneous Forms

Service Pin Application
The Association has a Service Pin recognition program for years of service with your respective fire departments and the NSFA. With every FIVE (5) years of membership with the NSFA up to 30 years, you may request a Service Pin by submitting this form. After 30 years, Service Pins are awarded every TWO (2) years.

Memorial Application
The Association annually commemorates and honors the spirit of Association Members who have passed during the preceding year with a Memorial Service during our annual training conference.

Host City Training Conference Handbook
This handbook was developed to assist Nevada Fire Departments in putting on a training conference. This handbook has the necessary information to guide your department through the steps of preparing for a conference, and, has sanctioned NSFA rules for the Water Fights, Monkey Drill and the Manipulative Skills Competition.

Volunteer Firefighter License Plate
The Association has available to its members a Volunteer Firefighter License Plate through the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. A portion of the license plate fee collected is placed into a fund in which the NSFA utilizes to provide volunteers training throughout the state each year. Visit Nevada DMV and get your license plate today. Help your fellow volunteer firefighters with their training needs.

Live Fire Accountability Form
This form is required to participate in the NSFA Annual Training Conference Live Burn.

Course & Manipulative Skills Testing Registration Form
This form is to register for the Live Burn at the NSFA Annual Training Conference.