Employment opportunities at Burning Man 2015

crowdrx_small_webCrowdRx will be providing medical services at Burning Man from August 26th – September 9th, and they are looking to hire additional NV licensed Paramedics to work on ambulances throughout the event. An event ticket, food, housing, and showers will be provided to those who are able to work three or more shifts! They would like to staff the event entirely with local NV paramedics.

If interested, please apply at http://www.crowdrx.org/burning-man-medical-application/ or reach out to CFitzpatrick@crowdrx.org for more information.

2015 NSFA Conference Check-in and On-Site Registration

We are so excited to kickoff this year’s training conference and we hope you are just as eager for all we have in store for you.


On Wednesday, June 24th, conference check-in and on-site registration will be located at the Silverland Hotel. Click here for a map to the hotel.


Starting Thursday, June 25th, conference check-in and on-site registration will be located at the Virginia City High School. Click here for a map to the school.



Incident Safety Officer NFA course

It saddens us to inform you that the Incident Safety Officer NFA course that was being offered in Virginia city, on June 24 and 26, 2015, has been cancelled due to the lack of students who have signed up. I am sorry for any inconveniences, but there will be more offered in the future.

We are excited to see you soon!

Meet Your Director

Have you ever thought that when you write that $15.00 dollar check every year for your NSFA dues where does your money really go? Is it put to good use? Who decides what to do with the funding? What have we really done this past year to represent the good of the membership? If you have these questions then you have the right to know. And you know what else? We want you to know!!!!!!! Be there at the Saturday morning general session and each director will have the chance to tell you what they have done for you over the last year. Any questions feel free to contact me.

See you in Virginia City!


Steve McClintock, President

It’s Not Too Late

Hello Nevada Firefighters,

It’s that time of year for our Annual Training Conference. The 80th Annual Training Conference is going to be held in Virginia City, Nevada June 24th-June 27th.

Here you can find:

  • Schedule of events
  • Hotel information
  • 2015 registration form
  • Spouse event information

It is not to late to get your registration forms into Virginia City! We Hope to see all of you in June!

Tiffany Urresti

Stop, Drop, and Roll – Are you Ready?

In the fire service it is a given we are always preaching, performing, and practicing safety. We do a dangerous job and the more we know, the safer we are. So it makes perfect sense to have a plan like stop, drop, and roll. But… are we missing something? What about the emotional toll that firefighting takes on our relationships, health, and career? What kind of training do we do to make sure we navigate that safely? What are the strategies and tactics needed to safely manage our day-to-day lives? What if there was a simple method that would assist you in navigating any hazardous emotional environment? Would you be interested in deploying that lifeline? Join in on June 25th for an inspiring keynote on the 3 P’s, Perspective, Purpose and Passion, and how you can safely answer your own emotional 9-1-1 call! When we are healthy, everyone comes home safely!

Our keynote speaker, Gina Geldbach-Hall, is a retired battalion chief, life coach, and author. She is excited to be sharing her lessons from the fire line so you to can empower yourself and ignite your own flame! Check out her book, Firegal… Rising from the Ashes, available on Amazon.com and her website at FiregalWisdom.com.

NVFC – Cancer Control Month

Check out what the NVFC has to say about Cancer Control Month. To read the entire article click on the source link.

April is designated as National Cancer Control Month, a tme when everyone should take stock of what they can do to prevent and control cancer. Since firefighters are at increased risk of several types of cancer than the general population, it is especially important that as a first responder you educate yourself on your risks and what you can do to minimize those risks.

Source: NVFC – Cancer Control Month